Ontdek het gemak van bediening met een app


Discover the ease of operation by app

All screens can be raised and lowered by means of a endless metal chain. The system is also self braking.

Improve the ease of operation by remote or app.

The system runs on a AC power or on batteries (built-in battery pack). These battery supplies electricity for about a year and can be charged via a USB port or by means of a solar cell. With the electric variants you will receive a remote or wireless wall switch. But it is also possible to control it via an app on your smartphone and tablet. Even voice control is possible.

The advantages of electric control and building automation

The electric variants are supplied with a built-in tubular motor. When there is no power available close to the system, it is possible to use the battery operated version. Only one charge moment per year will do. Charging is very easy. And even possible with a powerbank. To connect the powercord to the system we also have magnetic cords available.

It is also possible to connect the systems to building automation. With such a system it is possible to control all systems together or separately from eachother.

Control options

with endless metal chain (and stopper)

motorised  (mains or battery)
- with remote
- with app
- with building automation